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Wirth Business Credit


* According to the Small Business Administration, over 80% of businesses in the United States lease equipment.
* Almost $300 billion of equipment is leased annually in the United States.
* Over 30% of capital expenditures in the United States are financed with leases.

Benefits for End Users:

* Leases often require low/no down payment.
* Lease financing preserves cash and credit lines.
* Leasing is off-balance sheet and does not increase leverage ratios.
* Soft costs, such as installation, can be financed in a lease.
* Leasing is convenient and flexible.
* Finance specialized equipment (including used equipment).
* Possible tax benefits (check with your accountant).

Benefits for Vendors:

* Receive full up front cash payments for your products, while offering your customers financing, a value-added service.
* Offer financing without any administrative burden; Wirth handles all the underwriting and servicing of the lease – you get a full up front cash payment.
* Sell a monthly payment to your customer instead of a large up-front payment creating a clear value proposition for your equipment.
* Help expand your customers capital budget allowing them to purchase more from you.
* Differentiate from (or stay competitive with) your competitors.
* Sell more!

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