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Wirth Business Credit

Own a small business?

Did you know that you could acquire new business equipment or upgrade your existing equipment without adding debt to your balance sheet, tapping your available lines of credit or having to make a large upfront cash payment?

Did you know you can finance as little as $5,000 worth of equipment with a lease?

Did you know that over 80% of businesses in the United States use lease financing?

Did you know you can get business financing for computers, software, cash registers, furniture, fixtures, restaurant equipment, construction equipment – almost any tangible asset?

Call today for a free, no obligation quote and see if leasing is right for your situation.

For more info see: Why Lease? or Apply Today!

Sell to small businesses?

Did you know that in a lease transaction you get paid for your products upfront as if it were a cash transaction?

Did you know that you can offer financing to your customers without creating an administrative burden of credit evaluations and collecting monthly payments?

Did you know that you can sell more by offering monthly payment terms to your customers?

Call today for a free, no obligation consultation with a member of our team and let us design a custom vendor financing program for your business.

For more info see: Why Wirth? or Download a Credit Application

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